Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 1

Started the day off by waking up at 0430 to get the day started off right with my boot camp class.  I wanted to get to the gym early so that I could create some sheets for the boot campers to fill out; basically listing their goals, problem areas and general aspirations.  All in all, it was a great start to my third camp.  I have three super motivated girls and a fourth guy joining me on Wednesday.  On the side, I am helping a 50 year old woman at my work get ready for real Army boot camp! She is an amazing person who just seems to have an awesome zest for life.  We are going to work out for an hour a day, six days a week for the next 6 weeks and it is my personal goal to get her to max out her Army PT test before she even leaves.  With her dedication and motivation, it won’t be difficult.

For food today it was a struggle, but I got by.  And drank a CRAPLOAD of water.  When I got to work I immediately filled up my gallon jug and topped off my cup with some iced coffee ( oh what a marvelous invention!).  And now I have to go and make my lunch and snack-a-roos for tomorrow.  Speaking of snack-a-roos, remember those dunk-a-roos?  With the cookie cracker and the chocolate dip?  Yeah…I’m one hungry fat kid right now…

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