Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 3…double time!

Well, today was eventful.  Started it off with a Major Motivator workout at 0530. I had everyone partake in a PT test which consisted of seeing how many pushups and situps they could muster in 2 minutes, and then we did a timed 1 mile run.  Personally, I was able to pump out 50 pushups and 50 situps, but my run was a measly 13:20.  I hope to increase my pushups to 60 and situps to 70 by the time camp is done, and I have an ambitious goal of a 9:00 mile.

And if this workout wasn’t enough, I had my second workout with Lili today at lunch time.  She is trying to get ready for real Army boot camp in 7 weeks, so I am running her through the gauntlet!  We did my ladders workout, and I had her down for the count at number 8.  Surprisingly, I felt like I could have gone longer.

Which brings me to my conclusion.  Physically, I am fit like a dagger. However, I eat way to damn much is why the weight wont come off.  So, the solution is to increase my cardio (on top of the daily workouts, the fam is now walking after every dinner with the pup pups) and eat better. 

I have lost 4 pounds already, and will hopefully break into the 260s by Saturday.  Everything is on track and I feel freaking awesome!

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